Christmas Food Tips from Fifth Sense

It’s that time of year again, and here are a few suggestions to add some bite and flavour to your Christmas holiday eating and drinking!

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to feel a little downhearted as we approach this most festive time and I’m sure many of us can experience a moment or two of despair as we contemplate another smell or taste-free Christmas. Here, the message is to stay positive and keep searching for the things that can tickle your taste buds, however bizarre they might seem to others. As Fifth Sense member Jan suggests, try “eating with your brain” – approach your food and drink with an open mind and use the memory of the taste/smell if you possibly can. Be aware of textures and trigeminal responses to things such as menthol – and alcohol…! Stay peaceful and enjoy what you can, when you can.
Wishing you all a pleasant and tasty Christmas time and a very Happy New Year.

Download our 2018 Christmas Food Tips Here (PDF)

Download a Word document version here

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