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Fifth Sense Founder to Speak at the Monell Center

Fifth Sense founder, Duncan Boak, has been invited to deliver a talk on “The Hidden Impact of Smell and Taste Disorders” at the Monell Center in Philadelphia later this month.

The Monell Center is focused on “advancing discovery in taste and smell” and is the world’s only independent, not-for-profit institute dedicated to research in this area. Scientists from a range of backgrounds come together to develop knowledge of the functions and mechanisms of smell and taste and to understand the significance of these two senses in human health and disease.

Duncan’s talk will look at the impact smell and taste disorders have on the quality of life of those affected by them. This is something that is under-recognised by the medical profession and society more widely.

Duncan will explore the ways in which smell and taste contribute towards our life experience, the impact that impairment of these senses has on people, and the work that Fifth Sense is doing in tackling this issue.

For our American readers, the event is taking place on Wednesday 22 February, from 10:30 – 11:30am at The Monell Center, 3500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. It would be great to see you there!  For more info and to register visit

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