Fifth Sense Response to Article on Blood Injections to Treat Anosmia

Fifth Sense Members may be aware of a recent article in the Daily Mail highlighting a possible new treatment for loss of the sense of smell, involving an injection of blood up the nose. 

Upon review of the article and the study it cites, Fifth Sense trustee Mr Carl Philpott (Consultant ENT Surgeon and Director of the Smell and Taste Clinic at James Paget Hospital) urges members to exercise strong scepticism when interpreting the article.

Mr Philpott points out that the study: “Looked at only five patients and did not use robust scientific methods to demonstrate the validity of any effect. Additional work, including a much more rigorous study, is needed to claim any potentially positive outcome.”

We fully understand that this might be disappointing news for people who saw the original article, which was part of a round-up of several research papers in a non-specialist publication, but hope that our statement provides some clarity on the matter.

You can read the research paper, which outlines the study findings, here.  

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