FlavorActiV provides Sensory Taster Management, Taster Validation and Sensory Training to customers worldwide through our team of multilingual Global Sensory Managers. In 2015 we formed a partnership with Fifth Sense to  support and sponsor their activities in raising awareness of and treating chemosensory disorders.

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Why did we get involved?

Firstly because of the parallels between our respective organisations. As a company dedicated to sensory training and taster management in the beverage and food industry, we are acutely aware of the challenges around improving tasting ability. We also appreciate, and to some extent understand, how demoralising and debilitating the loss of either sense can be to an individual, and so are motivated and well-equipped to support.

We feel there is much we can do to support Fifth Sense and its members, and to help spread the message to the public, medical and industry communities. There is also the need for beverage and food companies to be more involved and better aware, and we can work with them to take the necessary steps to consider smell and taste disorders and how they can affect their customers.

How we hope to help

We aim to support Fifth Sense in the months and years ahead by lending our considerable experience and expertise to support Fifth Sense surveys and research initiatives. We also feel that our training of sensory panels means that we have acquired a great deal of experience in tasting knowledge and techniques that can be adapted to suit Fifth Sense members. We aim to develop a ‘Basic Taste Training Kit’ especially for Fifth Sense members that will allow them to identify their level of taste and flavour perception ability.

This info will then be fed into our online validation scheme, meaning we can store and analyse huge swathes of data that can help guide future activities. This ‘Taste Loss Scale’ should help people to understand their specific condition, and the limitations that they may face, but importantly the areas where their ability may be stronger – we want to give quiet confidence to sufferers, as however debilitating it is, there should always be room for some optimism and willingness to experiment and try new things.

Our links to beverage producers around the world will bring additional benefits. We will be able to utilise our close partnerships across the technical and sensory side of the beverage industry for knowledge and data gathering, and will support Fifth Sense as they embark on a global survey of taste and smell loss disorders. There will be numerous channels through which we can support Fifth Sense as the partnership evolves, and we look forward to working with you in the coming months and years.