Living without Smell – a Presentation by Prof Carl Philpott for The Sensory Science Group

Fifth Sense trustee Prof. Carl Philpott was invited to speak at the Institute of Food Science and Technology’s (IFST) Sensory Science Group Conference, which was held at the University College Birmingham on 7 June.

The event included workshops, students presenting their research and talks from international experts on topics such as sensory experience and satiety, food and wellbeing, and creating healthy, tasty food products.

Prof. Philpott’s presentation gave an overview of the impact of living without smell or taste, and how difficult this can be for individuals. It included results from research conducted with Fifth Sense and a summary of the work he does at the Smell and Taste clinic at James Paget Hospital.

Visit the IFST website to find out more about the Sensory Science Group.

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