Meet Matt Jones – Fifth Sense’s Newest Trustee

We’re very pleased to announce that Fifth Sense has recently welcomed a new trustee to the board. We sat down with Matt Jones to find out a little more about his background, what he’ll be bringing to the role and what he’s looking forward to in his first year with our organisation.

1. What attracted you to Fifth Sense?
I met founder Duncan Boak and volunteer Tom Laughton at the Festival of the Senses which took place at Anglia Ruskin University in autumn 2016. My children thought the stall looked interesting and while they were busy trying out different smells from the smell kit, Duncan and I had a conversation that I found fascinating.

His passion for the charity really stood out as well as the value that Fifth Sense brings to its members and to society – I was astonished to learn there was no charity for smell and taste disorders before Fifth Sense was created.

2. Do you support any other charities?
I like to support friends and family who are doing something to collect sponsorship money – it’s a great way to help good causes and often motivates people to get active or try something new. My wife and I once did a walking marathon around London which started at midnight – it was a great achievement for us both but it’s not something we would do again in a hurry! I wish fellow trustee Carl Philpott all the best for his upcoming Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride which he is doing in September to raise money for Fifth Sense.

Aside from donations I like to donate consultancy time and skills to charities, and have previously helped the housing and homeless charity Shelter with a project they were doing.

3. How will your background help you as a trustee?

My background as an accountant and Finance Director means I can bring business and finance skills to charities to help them create sustainable organisations – all charities face funding challenges and there are always difficult choices to be made on how best to use funds to deliver the mission of the charity. I hope to bring these skills to Fifth Sense and help support its success.

4. What are you looking forward to for your first 12 months with Fifth Sense?

During the first 12 month as Trustee I look forward to meeting members who have benefited from Fifth Sense, learning more about smell and taste disorders, and learning how we can best support people affected.

5. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I vaguely remember having some hobbies in the past but most of my time these days is taken up with by young children who are three and five years old! Weekends are usually spent going to a zoo or feeding the ducks at a park, followed by ice cream – the kids seem to enjoy this too….

6. Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I love crazy golf but I hate real golf. The more dinosaurs or pirate-related obstacles the better.

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