Newcastle Hub enjoy May meet-up

The Newcastle Hub held their latest ‘meet up’ on Saturday 11th May at the Town Wall pub in Newcastle.  A big thank you to Helen and Tom who kindly volunteered to host the get together and welcomed two new members to the group.

The group of six enjoyed talking to each other about their experiences and it was fantastic to hear that they were very interested in being pro-active to raise awareness. For example, they discussed how Fifth Sense flyers could be put on noticeboards or on tables at regional hospitals etc. If anyone else has ideas or suggestions, Joanne would love to hear from you.

The Hubs provide a great opportunity to make a difference, so if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer ‘Local Pioneer’ for the Newcastle Hub do please get in touch. This could mean simply hosting one of our local ‘meet ups’ or being actively involved with local hospitals. Members will recall that Fifth Sense recently put out a ‘Call for Volunteers’ in connection with our funding application. As part of this call out, we created a pdf with examples of what we do in our Hubs. So if you’d like to learn more about our Hub work, this is the place to find it:

Download the Local Pioneer FAQ sheet

Wherever you are in the country, perhaps you’d like to take your own Fifth Sense flyer to your next GP or Consultant appointment? You can download a copy here:

Download the Fifth Sense Flyer

Joanne hopes that the next ‘meet up’ will be in August. She is happy to take suggestions from members on dates and venues so please feel free to let her know if you have any preferences.  It is however important to be close to good transport links as many of our members travel by train.

You can contact Joanne at



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