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Fifth Sense

Meet Our Team

Duncan Boak

Chief Executive

Sarah Pearce

Director of Services and Operations

Mags Robinson

Support & Information Officer

Helen Rhodes

Engagement and Education Officer

Sally Connick

Community Development Officer

Our Trustees

Professor Carl Philpott

Director of Research and Medical Affairs and Trustee

Debs Davies

Trustee - Therapist and Lifecoach

Azim Karimjee

Fifth Sense Trustee and Treasurer

Advisory Board

We are proud to introduce our Advisory Board who represent the many facets of expertise in the world of smell and taste and contribute to the work we do to support people affected by smell and taste disorders.

Dr. Darren Logan

Advisory Board

Dr. Steven Munger

Advisory Board

Sarah McCartney

Advisory Board

Ambassadors and Champions

Our Ambassadors and Champions are volunteers who live all over the world and promote the importance of the senses of smell and taste. They are a vital part of our awareness raising, support the work we do for people both in the UK and overseas and are an integral part of the Fifth Sense community. Ambassadors are beneficiaries who live with a smell and/or taste disorders and Champions are professionals whose work benefits those who are affected by smell and taste disorders.

Frauke Galia

Champion - Aromatherapist (USA)

Dia Kline

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia (USA)

Katie Boateng

Ambassador - Post Viral Olfactory Loss (USA)

Sharika Bivens

Ambassador - CRS/Samter's Triad (USA)

Yazmin Salazar

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia (USA)

Alison Bruce

Ambassador - Post Viral (Australia)

Charlie Atkins

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia/Young People (UK)

Chessie Horwood

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia/Young People (UK)

Aisha Hamzah

Champion - Specialist ENT Paediatric Nurse (UK)

Josie Wratten

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia/Kallman Syndrome (USA/UK)

Rebecca Mitchell

Champion - CMS Sommelier and WSET Certified Educator (UK)

Carl Hughes


Louise Smith

Champion - Perfumer