Patient feedback sought for a Post-Viral Olfactory Loss research trial proposal

A team of researchers at Norwich Medical School are hoping to conduct a new study to determine whether vitamin A nasal drops are beneficial to patients who have experienced a loss of smell caused by viral damage.

The study team, led by Prof. Carl Philpott of Norwich Medical School, are asking people affected by post-viral olfactory loss (PVOL) to complete a short survey to provide feedback on the trial proposal and to indicate if they would be willing to participate in the trial if it opened.

There have been two previous studies into whether vitamin A use can help treat those who have lost their sense of smell from causes other than a blockage in the nose. Participants in one trial were given vitamin A drops and saw some improvements in their sense of smell. Prof Philpott’s proposed new study aims to continue this research.

If you’re affected by PVOL and would like to complete the survey then you can do so via Norwich Medical School’s website

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