The Smell Podcast with Fifth Sense founder Duncan Boak

Duncan Boak, left, with fellow Fifth Sense trustee Prof Carl Philpott

Duncan Boak, founder of Fifth Sense and Chair of our board of trustees, has been interviewed for Episode 18 of the Smell Podcast.  In the interview Duncan talks about his own experience of losing his sense of smell and how this led him to establish Fifth Sense after being introduced to ENT Consultant Prof Carl Philpott.   He also talks about the work of the charity and the events we run, including SmellTaste2019 and our UK Members Conference later in the year, and the important role played by our volunteers, the majority of whom are themselves affected by a smell or taste disorder.  Duncan also outlines the work that Fifth Sense is doing with our partners FlavorActiV to develop a taste training kit and guide to help people with olfactory loss get more enjoyment from eating and drinking.

Duncan was interviewed by Katie Price, who runs the Smell Podcast.

You can listen to episode 18 with Duncan’s interview here on iTunes.

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