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Research Hub

Fifth Sense is determined to improve the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people affected by smell and taste disorders through research

The Fifth Sense Research Hub has been developed in response to the research priorities established through our Smell and Taste Disorders Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). We work with others to accelerate clinical, basic scientific and psychosocial research. We know we can achieve far more and get there faster by working together rather than standing alone. With research partners in universities, the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, industry and the NHS we are developing a comprehensive research programme to find answers to smell and taste disorders.
Access the full set of research priorities identified by our Priority Setting Partnership

Our Goals

Engage researchers with our priorities and work with them to develop and deliver new research projects

Attract and engage commercial organisations and funders

Provide PPI input for research projects via our PPI Panel

Act as an entry point for people wishing to participate in research projects or PPI activity

Engage and involve new audiences in smell and taste research through our engagement, education and outreach activities

Our Commitments

Global collaboration

Fifth Sense is a UK-based charity tackling a global problem that requires a global team to address it. We will continue to work collaboratively with individuals and organisations around the world who share our vision, values and ethics to address the challenges faced by people affected by smell and taste disorders through research.

Engagement and involvement

We will continue to put the people we represent at the heart of our work, engaging and involving them in research through initiatives such as our Public and Patient Involvement panel, Research Champions programme and conferences.

Diversity and inclusivity

We recognise that we need to do more to reach and engage with people from black and minority ethnic communities and those who are traditionally harder to reach; whose first language is not English, people living in relatively isolated rural communities and those experiencing severe economic hardship, for example. Smell and taste disorders can affect anyone and everyone. We will follow National Institute of Health Research guidance around inclusion and will develop a research agenda that seeks to engage and involve all.

Supporting the development of the field

We will work to engage with and support aspiring scientists and early-stage researchers with the aim of growing interest and research in smell and taste disorders.

We will also engage with and support scientists from outside the field to help them translate their ideas and methods with the aim of benefiting people affected by smell and taste disorders.

Research ethics

We will undertake and support high-quality, ethical research that has successfully completed a peer review process.


Please click the link below to download our
PSP Outcomes and Research Strategy

Contact Us

If you’re a researcher, clinician, technologist or commercial organisation who is interested in working with us to support our goals then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@fifthsense.org.uk


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