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Medicine and Me: Living without Smell and Taste

The prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London is hosting a half-day event for people with smell and taste disorders, their families and advocates and clinicians working in the field.

Medicine and Me: Living without Smell and Taste has been organised in collaboration with Fifth Sense and will take place on Friday 26 May at the Society’s premises at 1 Wimpole St, London. It starts at 12.30 and there are plenty of discussion sessions throughout the afternoon to ask questions.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone affected by a smell or taste impairment, whether directly or indirectly, to meet each other, share stories and experiences and be the first to learn about the latest developments.

Raising awareness of smell and taste disorders is what we constantly strive for at Fifth Sense, so it’s brilliant to be invited to co-host an event like this, which brings together experts from across the country. The clinicians attending are health professionals involved in some capacity with treating those who have lost their smell and taste due to a range of causes.

The Medicine and Me events are designed to give a “direct voice to patients and their carers to air their concerns on the impact of diagnosis, investigation and management,” and to inspire clinicians to improve care.

Speakers on the day will be presenting on a number of topics. Some of these include Ms Lisha McClelland, who is an ENT Consultant Surgeon from Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, who’ll be talking about olfactory loss and Mr Iordanis Konstantinidis, a Consultant ENT Surgeon from Greece, who’ll be talking about head injuries, as well as Fifth Sense’s own Duncan Boak and Mr Carl Philpott. Patients will also be presenting on these topics from their own perspective.

Tickets are available now, so book in before the event fills up!

Visit to register for the meeting.

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