Will scratch n sniff wallpaper be the future of home decorating?

We spotted an interesting story recently that illustrates how the sense of smell seems to be increasingly valued by product designers. Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper has been inspired to create scented wallpaper, with three brightly-coloured designs that are decorated with the fruits they’re fragranced with. There are three to choose from – cherry, banana and tutti frutti – and the smells are an optional extra.

The paper is embedded with micro-capsules which release the scent when scratched, and will apparently last a few years.  Those of us with no sense of smell at all may prefer Willy Wonka’s lickable wallpaper, and although there’s no sign of that yet we’ll be sure to let you know if we anything changes!

You can read the full story on the website of Fifth Sense supporters The Perfume Society.

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