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Adam Cole

It’s not unreasonable to think that having no sense of smell from birth might be a barrier to a successful career in the kitchen, but this didn’t stop Adam Cole, head chef at Maple Block Meat Co.(Culver City, CA).

Adam will be talking with Fifth Sense founder Duncan Boak about how he kept his anosmia a secret for 10 years of working in kitchens in the public lecture he is giving as part of SmellTaste2017, the first major educational/support event to be held in the US for people affected by smell and taste disorders.

Co-hosted with the University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste (UFCST) in Gainesville, Florida on 25-26th February 2017, SmellTaste2017 includes talks from scientists and clinicians about the anatomy of smell and taste, what can go wrong with them and future treatment possibilities.  There will be a strong emphasis on support, including a session that will explore coping strategies for living with a smell or taste impairment, delivered by Duncan and his Fifth Sense colleague Tom Laughton.

“Anyone who has attended one of our UK members conferences will know how beneficial it is to come together and share experiences of living with a group of conditions that many people just don’t understand” says Duncan.

“Living with a smell or taste impairment can be a very isolating experience, and meeting other people in the same position can be really helpful in better dealing with the impact that these conditions can have on our lives.”

The weekend will be punctuated by several social events, including a banquet at the Florida Museum of Natural History featuring dishes carefully designed by the caterers to make the most of texture and other attributes that can be appreciated by those with smell and taste disorders.

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