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Socioeconomic Impact of Chronic Rhinosinusitis Study – Volunteers Wanted

Mr. Carl Philpott and his team at the University of East Anglia are currently carrying out a research study into the Socioeconomic Impact of Chronic Rhinitis (SoCCoR), which we at Fifth Sense have been actively supporting and talking about on the website.

The study is ending soon, so we’re encouraging any members who haven’t done so already to volunteer to take part. The study aims to estimate how often patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) see health service professionals, what they spend out of their own pockets on CRS and how much time they lose from work because of their symptoms.

We’re collecting this information through questionnaires to be compiled and analysed to provide a picture of the impact of CRS on patients and the NHS, as well as the effect of age, gender, and wealth on patients’ treatment and spending. We also hope it will help to indicate any areas of health inequality and access to services.

The study is open to anyone who has been seen by a clinician previously and has a confirmed diagnosis of CRS. The study also needs to recruit a group of people who do not have CRS to provide the equivalent information for comparison (a control group), so if you have any family members or friends without CRS who would be willing to take part, why not ask them to volunteer to support you and to further our research?

More information can be found on the UEA webpage at: and you can volunteer for the study by emailing: Please enclose your name, address and telephone number and state whether you are volunteering as a CRS patient or control. Rupert will then send you a personalised electronic questionnaire link via email.

Thank you! We look forward to sharing the results with you at the end of the research period.

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