Student Filmmaker Looking for People affected by Post-traumatic Olfactory Loss

Alice Shaw, a student at Salford University, had a fall at work which caused a head injury and ultimately led to her losing her sense of smell. Alice is determined to see the positives in her accident, and is producing a short film featuring others affected by Post-traumatic Olfactory Loss (PTOL) as part of her BA TV and Radio Production degree.

The film will take a candid look at the changes people have experienced in their lives as a result of losing their sense of smell following a head injury, and any coping techniques they’ve used. Alice has asked us to share her request for participants with Fifth Sense members who’ve also lost their sense of smell in this way, and would be willing to take part in her film and show anosmia in a positive, sensitive way.

The film is part of Alice’s final year project, and if she gets a good grade, it could be entered for a documentary award. It would be released on YouTube afterwards, so anyone who participates would need to be comfortable with the film being made available to the wider public.

Alice and Salford University have confirmed that the filming process will be carried out professionally, and all volunteers will be given a consent form and a public liability form from the university. All personal information is kept safe and is never released to any third parties.

Please contact Alice directly if you’re interested in being involved – you can find her message to Fifth Sense members and contact email address in the image below.  We’re sure  you’ll join us in saying a big thanks for her efforts to raise awareness of the impact of olfactory loss and wish her all the very best with the documentary, which we’ll hope to be able to share when available.


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