Student Researching Olfactory Loss and Impact on Relationship to Food

Postgraduate student Anna Seecharan is looking to speak to people affected by olfactory loss who’d be willing to participate in research for her dissertation. Anna is studying an MA Anthropology of Food at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. 

Anna explains that she is interested in the impact that losing your sense of smell can have, both personally and on relationships. She’s exploring: “How much our enjoyment of food is related to smell/taste, and how much is related to other aspects, for example, how we talk about food, shop, or cook, and who we eat with, why, where and when.”

She goes on to say: “If you have been affected by olfactory loss and would be interested in talking to me about your experiences (particularly if related to food) I would love to talk to you!”

You can read Anna’s full letter to Fifth Sense members that includes further details of her project by clicking the link below. If you’re interested in participating then please email her by 6 August

Letter to Fifth Sense members from Anna Seecharan

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