The Challenge of Cooking and Tasting with an Impaired Sense of Smell

As many of us affected by an impaired sense of smell know, navigating the world of cooking, dinner parties and well-meaning advice from people around us can be tricky. Karin-Marijke Vis has written an article for Paste Magazine to talk openly about her experiences and to help those who have never encountered anosmia to understand what it actually means.


She addresses some of the more common questions that people have and explains the importance of texture and visuals when eating meals, as well of some of the safety issues and the personal impact of having no sense of smell.


Paste Magazine describes itself as “a leading online arts and lifestyle brand, covering music, movies, TV, games, comedy, books, design, tech, food, drink, travel, style, comics and soccer” and has five million unique views every month. This article appeared in the food section.

Click the link below to read Karin-Marijke’s full article:

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