Top Tips for living with a smell or taste disorder from Fifth Sense members

To mark Anosmia Awareness Day, 27th February 2018, we launched a survey to gather your Top Tips for living with a smell and taste disorder. The causes and symptoms vary widely from person to person but by sharing our personal triumphs – be it ways you’ve found to manage your symptoms or avoiding particular foods – we can help each other find the best ways of coping with these unseen but hugely affecting conditions.

We are in the process of collating your responses and producing a series of handy Top Tips information sheets which we’ll be publishing on this page in PDF format.  You can access the Top Tips sheets by clicking the icons below.

We are keeping the survey open to continue gathering Top Tips, so if you have something you’ve like to share then please complete the survey using the link below.

We’ve given you the option to include your first name and/or the town or country you live so we can make the results more personal, but if you’d prefer to respond anonymously then just leave these fields blank.

Please note that you don’t need to complete every question in the survey – just respond to the questions that are relevant to you.

Click here to open the survey and share your Top Tips

Top Tips Survey Privacy Statement and Disclaimer

Fifth Sense is using the responses to this survey to benefit people with a smell or taste disorder, by creating a series of “Top Tips” sheets. We will feature these on our website, publish them on social media and share them publicly via other means. Your responses will be stored securely and confidentially by Fifth Sense. The charity reserves the right to determine which tips will be featured and which will not. We may not feature every tip that we receive. You can email us at if you decide that you no longer want us to use your responses for this purpose, and we will delete them.

We ask you to provide your email address so we can contact you if we would like further information or clarity about any aspect of your response to the survey, or if we feel we may be able to provide further information that may be beneficial to you. Your email address will also enable us to identify your response should you contact us in future and ask for it to be removed.

We will take the precaution of checking tips we decide to feature with a Consultant Rhinologist where we feel this is necessary.

The Top Tips Information Sheets represent informal advice and guidance provided by Fifth Sense members based on their own experience. The information provided is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Fifth Sense is sharing this information but holds no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the information provided by individual members. Fifth Sense shall not be liable for any side-effects or lack of improvement in symptoms resulting from the use of the information provided.