University of Florida Health to Open New Clinical Programme for Patients with Smell Disorders

University of Florida Health is launching a new clinical programme for patients with smell disorders – and Fifth Sense played an important role in its conception.

Physicians in UF Health’s department of otolaryngology are teaming up with the University’s research-focused UF Center for Smell and Taste (UFCST) to launch the UF Health Smell Disorders Program in early 2018.  Otolaryngologists John D. Harwick MD and Jeb M. Justice MD will be the clinical leads on the initiative, which aims to improve diagnosis and management of these conditions.

The idea for setting up the programme came from SmellTaste2017, the first major education/support event for people in the US with smell and taste impairments which was delivered by UFCST in partnership with Fifth Sense.  UFCST Director Dr Steven Munger says that patient feedback at the event was an important factor in taking the decision to launch the programme.

For more information, read the press release at ( or visit the UF Health Smell Disorders Program website at

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