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Fifth Sense was established in 2012 and the organisation is in a strong position today. Fifth Sense has established several strategic partnerships and secured a major grant to enable it to support more people affected by smell and taste disorders, develop its information and education resources and drive important research forward. The trustees of Fifth Sense are now looking to appoint an exceptional individual as Chief Executive who has the vision and drive to accelerate the progress the charity is making while ensuring a strong financial base and good governance remain in place. 


The Chief Executive is responsible for the overall development and operating activities of Fifth Sense, reporting to the Chair and to the Board of Trustees.


Role Description  

   Key objectives:   

  1. Ensure the charity has an effective strategy and operational plan in place with Board support    
  2. Develop the direct services provided by Fifth Sense including information and support while working with other organisations and professionals (in the NHS, social care and research) to ensure they are aware of the needs of people with smell and taste disorders when developing their services   
  3. Enhance the impact and profile of Fifth Sense by promoting the research strategy and supporting the development of clinical, scientific and psychosocial research relating to smell and taste disorders    
  4. Build the charity’s income and resource base to enable Fifth Sense to have a secure and sustainable platform for its future development   
  5. Provide inspirational leadership at all times and ensure, with the Board, the charity has strong governance, determined leadership and effective management at all levels  


1. Strategic planning and implementation    

  • Keep the charity’s strategic plan under review and ensure the direction and objectives are relevant, focused and achievable.
  • Ensure operational/business plans with stretching targets are in place for each of the charity’s key objectives.
  • Identify and assess opportunities for new services, partnership working and income generation.  
  • Develop and implement the marketing and communications plan to ensure the maximum impact of the charity’s work.   
  • Allied to the overall strategic objectives, develop an effective risk management strategy to include safeguarding, data protection, finance and reputational risks.    


2.  Develop direct and indirect services including information, support and research   

  • Ensure Fifth Sense’s information and support services are accessible to all those affected by smell and taste disorders with quality standards and service monitoring in place. 
  • Develop and implement an education programme to be delivered to external organisations to enhance understanding of the impact of smell and taste disorders. 
  • Building relationships with external organisations, support the development and implementation of centres of clinical excellence with support hubs focused on patient involvement and peer to peer support.
  • Develop the position of Fifth Sense as the leading patient-representing organisation supporting high quality research by collaborating with research partners in institutions and companies as well as funding and regulatory agencies.
  • Identify emerging opportunities to promote the needs of people living with smell and taste disorders and Fifth Sense to Ministers, MPs and senior policy makers in Parliament and in the devolved bodies.   


3. Marketing and communications    

  • Lead in developing and delivering the marketing and communications plan for Fifth Sense to enable the charity to reach new audiences and achieve consistency in communications across all topics and to a diverse range of audiences. 


4. Income generation and resource management    

  • Develop and implement a robust income generation plan to enable Fifth Sense to have a sustainable financial platform on which to base planned developments in services, research and infrastructure.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial, innovative approach to new partnership opportunities and new revenue streams whilst at all times assessing and managing risks effectively.
  • Ensure that appropriate resources are in place to deliver the charity’s plans with a focus on achieving exceptional value of money.


5. Leadership and governance    

  • As CEO and the leading ambassador for Fifth Sense and people affected by smell and taste disorders, to lead by example to ensure the charity is a trusted organisation respected and valued by people affected by these conditions and all those who come into contact with the charity.
  • Lead and direct financial planning, control, reporting and management of the charity’s finances and resources, with the engagement of trustees and the Board to ensure financial stability, regulatory compliance and sustainable organisational growth.
  • Ensure Fifth Sense meets all relevant legislative and good practice standards including health and safety, equality and diversity and safeguarding.
  • With the Chair and trustees, ensure Fifth Sense has good governance and effective management in place at all levels to meet its statutory responsibilities.    


To Apply:   Please send a letter of application with a full CV to recruitment@fifthsense.org.uk  to arrive no later than 9am 10 January 2022