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Support & Resources

Support and Resources Introduction

Smell and taste disorders can have a huge impact on someone’s life, as well as on their family and carers. There is educational, practical and emotional support available to help.  Accessing resources and support can make a real and positive difference to people affected by smell and taste disorders. Fifth Sense have developed a suite of support services designed to help. 

Our resources have been developed in collaboration with people who have lived experience of smell and taste disorders. All our health information is checked and approved prior to inclusion.

The Learning Zone

Educational resources to help you learn more about smell and taste disorders, the causes, treatments and how to live with them.


An assortment of scientifically underpinned toolkits to support testing current smell ability, monitoring and tracking progress and guidance on smell training.

#LetsTalkSmellAndTaste Online Conversations

Hosted by Tom Laughton, these free zoom events feature guest experts, provide opportunities to explore self-help techniques and talk with other people affected by smell and taste disorders amongst much more.

Food For Thought

Recipes, articles, blogs, hints, tips and ideas from people who have or who fully understand the implications a smell or taste disorder has on the enjoyment of food and drink.

Sinus Rinsing

Guidance on how to safely rinse your nasal passages.


A list of specialist clinics across the UK that treat smell and taste disorders and information about clinics overseas.

Further Reading and Resources

Information and links to wider reading and resources helpful to those affected by  smell and  taste and disorders.

Other Support

Links to other organisations and patient advocacy groups that may be an additional source of information and support for our beneficiaries.

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