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Duncan Boak

Chief Executive

Sarah Pearce

Director of Services and Operations

Louise Smith

Champion - Perfumer

Carl Hughes


Debs Davies

Trustee - Therapist and Lifecoach

Rebecca Mitchell

Champion - CMS Sommelier and WSET Certified Educator (UK)

Azim Karimjee

Fifth Sense Trustee and Treasurer

Josie Wratten

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia/Kallman Syndrome (USA/UK)

Aisha Hamzah

Champion - Specialist ENT Paediatric Nurse (UK)

Chessie Horwood

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia/Young People (UK)

Charlie Atkins

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia/Young People (UK)

Alison Bruce

Ambassador - Post Viral (Australia)

Yazmin Salazar

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia (USA)

Sharika Bivens

Ambassador - CRS/Samter's Triad (USA)

Katie Boateng

Ambassador - Post Viral Olfactory Loss (USA)

Dia Kline

Ambassador - Congenital Anosmia (USA)

Frauke Galia

Champion - Aromatherapist (USA)

Sarah McCartney

Advisory Board

Dr. Steven Munger

Advisory Board

Dr. Darren Logan

Advisory Board

Professor Carl Philpott

Director of Research and Medical Affairs and Trustee

Mags Robinson

Support & Information Officer

Helen Rhodes

Engagement and Education Officer