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Sarah McCartney

Advisory Board
I have been working with Fifth Sense since 2014 after meeting Founder and Chair, Duncan at the IFRA Symposium. I am an artisan perfumer and writer and founded my indie fragrance company, 4160Tuesdays, in 2011.


In 2019 I set up Scenthusiasm: the Scent School, to help people explore the world of perfume and create their own scents.  I work with multi-sensory events and organisations to create fragrances which explore and enhance music, dance, workspaces, meditation and art. I am also co-author of The Perfume Companion, and author of The Scent of Possibility.   I am honoured to be a regular guest host to the #LetsTalkSmellAndTaste online conversations, to bring what I’ve learned about the sense of smell to the discussion.